Sombre Time

From this image, created 3/4 years ago.

To this moment; this is the most surreal and saddest experience of my life.

As my mother was being transferred to a nursing home, The Queen passed away. I began thinking back to the 1960s when my mother first came to this country.

This image was created around 1967 - it gives you a clear idea of my mother as young 20 plus year old woman in the United Kingdom - post Windrush Generation.

I see all of her hopes and dreams halted by my arrival. Everything changed from the moment I arrived.

My Father, where was his?

Nowhere to be found.

He buggered off and married someone else.

She pulled off a miracle.😢

She created a life for the two of us.

I grew up seeing her triumphs, failures, disappointments and betrayals.

In the end, I am the only one left in her life demonstrating the truth of love and compassion.

I will continue to do so until God calls her home.

This time now is for her.

Thanks for reading 😢

“We are born of love; Love is our mother”.


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