The Spirit of Photography

Today was a lovely day.

Not a cloud in the sky, deep rich blue sky. Nice chill to the air, perfect for walking with camera in hand.

I left home with my X-T1 paired with the lovely 18-135mm Lens. I must say, I really enjoy using this combination for a session of street photography - it works perfectly. I knew today’s forecast would not be an issue with the the 3.5 - 5.6 Aperture confugration. Yes, it’s a slow lens, nevertheless, this is an amazing lens when combined with the X-T1.

The X-T1 with the 18-135mm:

I was on my way to Church this morning in South Kensington and caught this, my first shot of the day. 

Reflections from a Bus:

I initially saw the gentleman on the bus listing to his music. As I edited the photograph, more interesting things immerged. A smorgasbord of imagery in the reflection. People all going about their Sunday business caught in a split second  - this truly is a reflection of life. I quite like this photography because of its many layers of interest to my eye and sensitivities.

The Natural History Museum:

These two images are of the iconic, Natural History Museum. There is a lot to be said for shooting early morning. These two shots were taken around 10:30 am which is quite late in the day compared to a sunrise event. What made these images work was the qaulity of the light. The building was being lit from the front and the angle of the Sun was quite low which made for a lovely golden sheen on the bricks of the building. I have photographed this building many times. Today, I tried to pick out some details. I saw the Gargoyles in the second shot which looked Interesting and Gothic. I also love shooting on a slight angle to draw the eye into the drama.

These four images showcase the versatility of the 18-135mm Lens. Walking through Hyde Park after Church, I came across a very nice Waterfall. I did not have my Tripod, so I just caught scene the best I could. Photographing Birds or Squirrels can be challenging because we are dealing with a subject that moves quickly - and yet, good results here. I like The Bird Man.

I love the shots below of Birds in flight - majestic. 

Shots like these makes photography worthwhile.

Birds in Flight:

My last two images came at the end of my walk through the park as I approached Speakers Corner. 

I chose black and white for this interpretation because it reflected the mood of the scene.

Doom & Gloom:

The title of this post reflects how I approach my photography. With credit to Jay Maisel, I go out and just walk. My inner muse takes me along an unknown adventure. I am empty, free of any kind of attachment to what shots may come. Just having my camera with me means I may be touch, moved and inspired by something that makes me feel happy creating an image. 

This is so beautiful; to just experience life in this way. To walk, to breath clean air, to see Birds fly, Squirrels playing, humans just going about life, having an empty mind, trust me it is simply wonderful. 

I love this aspect of my photography, dare I say, I feel ALIVE.

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