The Absence of Colour

I have heard a few Photographers say, “I see in Black & White”. This has intrigued me because I see Colour, everywhere. I live in a world of Colour. So, it has puzzled me this notion of seeing in Black & White. Nothing wrong, just my personal enquiry into what makes for compelling Black & White Photography.

This enquiry has led me to an interesting discovery about my relationship to Colour. If I capture a scene or moment in Black & White, I do so because the Colour in this moment is either flat, dull, boring or simply uninspiring. This is when I switch to Black & White with a Yellow Filter on my Fuji X100T. The resulting image to my eye looks better in Black & White.

So, for me and my vision, Colour is everywhere. Some days, the quality of the light may alter my feelings about the Colour  I experience and how I choose to interpret the moment. 

I love this emotional interplay between Light, Colour, Moment and Gesture. It is constantly changing and I am allowing this experience to transform me too. Yes, photography isn’t just about the image, it also about me. Every image I create is a self portrait, a glimps into my vision of the world……I share with you ❤️

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