The Authentic Self

I watched this Lion King for a good 20 minutes. 

 He rested on top of this giant rock without a care in the world. 

 I felt his being. 

 He couldn’t have cared less what I thought of him. 

 My opinion of him meant nothing. 

 Such was his pride and confidence in his DNA. 

 This may sound strange me saying this, neverthless, it is true. 

 I cannot speak to the animals like Doctor Doolittle, no. 

This Lion spoke to me in the language of “BEING”. 

 This is who “I AM”. 

 I was left with the feeling….”WHO THE HELL AM I” 

 Beyond my name and status. 

 In the final analysis, in the relam of being, I am NOTHING and yet, I represent the possibility of EVERYTHING. 

 This Lion King spoke to me in the language of KINGS. 

 I felt it. 

 This image inspires me to remember who I am at the source level of “MY DNA”, as the will of the liivng force intended. 

 “The authentic self is the soul made visible”. 

 Sarah Ban Breathnach

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