The Magic of Light

I have become seduced by the magic of light.

It has only taken me three years for this relationship to kick in, now, I can’t help myself, she is my lover.

I am looking for her caress everywhere, the subject is important and yet, her glow and warmth brings the boring to life.

In the beginning, the world was a dark empty void - the immortal words “Let there be Light” was uttered - so we are told. In that moment, image creation become a possibility. It only took several billion years for that possibility to become a reality. Every image I create is a silent thank you to the will of the living force that makes photography such a glorious expression in my life,

The ballet of light and shade compete for our attention and celebrate accordingly.

The colour of her love and the temperature of her affection can blow hot and cold. It doesn’t matter, she is just looking for constant attention. 

I am committing myself to be her humble servant.

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