Creative Expression

I took this photograph in a restaurant last night in Nottingham.

When I looked up and saw the light decoration, I thought it looked like planets in another galaxy.

The editing of this image was done intentionally to saturate the colours and bring out the drama in the contrast of colours - to create the illusion of planets floating in space.

This image reminds me that photography is one part documenting the truth and another part the”interpretation of the truth”. 

As a professional magician, it is my job to create fantasy and illusion for my audience so this image speaks to me on that level. The original shot was not inspiring; what was inspiring to me as a creative photographer was the image I saw in my mind when I looked up and saw these floating light spheres. It reminded me of planets and I knew that If I shot his image slightly under - exposed by a stop of light, It would have great potential as a creative expression of my vision.

So the lesson here is:

When look at something, what do you see?

Do you see with your eyes, your mind or your heart?

What can you create beyond the obvious?

“Vision is the true creative rhythm” - Robert Delaunay 

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