The Isle of Man

I have just got back from a lovely weekend on The Isle of Man. 

I was there to perform my show as part of a celebration for The Young Magicians of Man. This idea was run by Mike Clegue and he has done a marvellous job with coaching these youngsters in the craft of magic.

As soon as I cleared customs, my friend Paul Martin was there to greet me and he drove me straight to a wonderful spot on the island called Niarbyl Beech

This spot looks over the Irish Sea and it is quite breathtaking. It was cold and yet fresh, it energised me after the flight and set me up for my evening performance. I caught a few shots using my X-T1 paired with the stunning 16-55mm f2.8, which is one of my favourite combinations to travel with - one camera, one lens.

The Island is very small and yet, it is full of character and has a lot to explore. I did not get to see even 5 % of the island as my time was so short. However, I made of point of taking  walk on Sunday to capture a few Manx memories.

The timing of my arrival meant that I caught The Blue Hour light and looking out into the sunset it was magical. I did not have my tripod so this meant a high ISO just to keep things decent - around 1600.

I have a few more images to share which I will put in the gallery on this site. For now, I hope you enjoy this collection. I plan to return in 2017 as there is so much to explore on this enchanting island.

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