The Joy of Seeing | Identity

All of my images during this Lockdown have been created close to home. I walk the same route most days, I see the same buildings, people, community and create the same images.

Or are they?

I have been speculating on this; yes, I see the same subjects and yet, I feel they are not the same image.

What makes them different?

This question is at the source of my photographic identity.

I am seeking the answer to this question because it informs all of my choices right down to the Camera and Lens I use.

My photographic identity is rooted in Colour, Shape, Line, Angles, Symmetry, Depth, Expression, Gesture, Form, Light, Texture - I am sure this list will grow.

I am training myself to simply see deeper.

To feel deeper and create from that space.

I guess this process is more about knowing myself deeply.

Every image I create is a self portrait.

Welcome to my world.


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