The Little Venice Canal Cavalcade 2024

The May Day Bank Holiday is here and The Canal Cavalcade is back.

This yearly event celebrates life on The Grand Union Canal. This means the people who live on Boats, sail along The Grand Union and moore their Barges and Boats at Little Venice.

This event is colourful dynamic and photogenic. It turns Little Venice into a carnival like atmosphere of colour and expression.

I love documenting this because no two years see the same. There is always something interesting to see.

Pirates, Dolls and Scallywags.

My natural instincts kick in when my eye is drawn to something worthy of framing.

I never thought Sausages could look so Frame worthy.

The Bank Holiday brings out families, it’s great observing and documenting.

This Teri, we connected on Instagram.

She is a fellow photographer and her images are superb. She recognised me and enjoyed our first meet up by sheer chance today.

My walk through Little Venice ended where it began.

Lots of charming moments.

I will return tomorrow from a different approach.

To be continued

Thanks for reading.

“Never leave your camera at home”

Michael Vincent

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