The Reform

Today was fascinating. I coached a student in the fine craft of card magic at one of the most prestigious private members clubs in the world - The Reform.

As soon as I walked into the club, I knew I was in the presence of history. It was first established in 1836 by Edward Ellis and is situated on Pall Mall. I have to say, this is one of the classiest places I have coached a student. 

It was kind of appropriate that my coaching session took place in the card room of The Reform, I felt very much at home. Four card tables set up with paper and pencils for members to enjoy the game of Bridge, one of which became the the stage for advanced cardmanship for me and my student today.

For lunch my student and I headed next door to another historic building, The RAC. This building is for lovers of motor cars. I was thrilled to be greeted by the 007 classic, The Aston Martin DB7 in the main reception. It drew a lot of attention from people along with my camera.

The RAC is an astounding building and like The Reform, full of history relating to classic cars. This building contains a swimming pool under ground, Turkish Bath, Gymnasium and an elegant lounge with the most incredible decor. A really first class restaurant featured a delightful lunch to enhance the day.

Card magic, classic cars all at The Reform and The RAC, a day to remember.

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