Up Close with Lego

The one thing that keeps my interest high as a photographer is constantly trying new things. 

Recently, I started practicing Close up Photography. I have photographed Butteryflies, Lady Birds and now, Lego Characters and grand structures.

My Lego adventure began with a Star Wars construction of Master Yoda’s Space Ship and then followed up with Luke Skywalker’s Land Cruiser. It has been fun, creating these images.

The best so far has been Lego’s gorgeous Mini Cooper Classic Creator Set.

The Lego Architecture Studio is stunning. All White Bricks and Plates and fiddly “thingermiigigs”. I love the fact that white represents a blank canvas ready for expression. Just completed an all White display to represent balance in The Force. Headed up by Grand Master Yoda, The Jedi ensemble are slowly forming in preparation for The Last Jedi. 

 The cloud of the dark side is strong and brewing.

I grew up reading Marvel and CD Comics so my interest in Lego cover these colourful Characters. My next big assemblies will be The Millennium Falcon and The Dark Knight Tumbler.

Stay tuned.

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