Warrior Update

Since returning home from Argentina, I chose to stay put and look after my mother.

Dementia is a brutal and cruel assassin.

It strikes with lethal intent.

My response has been to deal with this as best I can.

My mother has become my super model.

I create an image of her at least once a day.

This project is about capturing and preserving the dignity of the most extraordinary women in my life.

This is an important time in my life right now because being single, I am right where I need to be - I am present, home and taking care of mum.

My daily duties is all about supporting, contributing and serving.

We go for long walks.

I cook.

I clean.

No time for my magic right now.

It’s all about maintaining order in a sea of lost memories.

Everyday is a blessing.

Everyone loves her.

Her expression of life and love is in full force.

All I do now is ensuring this simple thing remain in full force and effect.

My images are for my memories😢

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