Wide & Closer

Even though 18/28mm is my natural vision, I still need to use this Lens correctly.

Foreground interest is a must.

Getting close is imperative because this Lens pulls of an optical trick which is amazing. It pushes everything in the frame backwards into the distance.

So Foreground Interest creates the illusion of depth. This means 28mm is a Lens designed for keeping depth of field sharp and tight.

My Aperture for this specific Lens begins at F8 and very often all the way up to F22 depending on the subject.

F11 is my sweet spot for the 28mm.

When creating Portraits, it becomes an environmental expression.

I used the 18/28mm to create this Portrait of Billy and his Sister Sara.

This Lens is wonderful and flexible because it allowed me to create close up images and an environmental scape of the Caffe.

With this one Lens, I can cover many subjects. I am delighted I can do People Portraits. From waist up to full length with enough environmental information.

Wider and Closer is the context for this visually stunning optics.

Thanks for reading.

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