Working The Scene

How do you know when you have created a decent image?

I have read many tutorials about not settling for your first shot.

Work the scene.

These images above were all created with this conversation in mind.

Here are a few more:

I was practicing with my Manual Focus Lens on my XT1 - it was important to me to understand the technique of Zone Focusing.

As a practicing magician and sleight of hand artist, it’s important to TRUST my technique. I must enter the zone of subconscious mastery.

This only comes through trial and error and understanding why things work and not.

I once knew a photographer named Doug McKenzie, he was simply brilliant. This was in the days before digital. I only know this because Doug created images of me performing at celebrity events.

This image by Doug was created using a Manual Focus Lens and Glash. 

I know this because I remember this night like it was yesterday. 

All of his images were beautiful and sharp as a Samurai Sword.

I wish he was alive to speak to because he was a master. 

We have it easy now, everything auto on modern cameras. 

Very little skill in that.

This post is about mastery - working a scene is no different than me practicing sleight of hand for four hours.

Thoughtful repetition is the key with awareness and sensory acuity.

Finally, this car caught my attention and I thought why not.

I am off to Rome this week so stay tuned for some exciting moments.

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