X-Pro2 - Magical and Sublime

After using the X-Pro 2 now for the last week, I can say it has really grown on me. I really love the X-100T, however, the X-Pro 2 feels really “grown up”.

For starters, it is a much bigger and bulkier camera in comparison. I am a professional Magician and have been blessed with large hands. I had to learn to compensate with the X-100T. This wasn’t a big deal to me, however, I noticed this and knew I was making adjustments. Using the X-Pro 2, the moment I held it in my hand, if felt just “right”. The X-Pro 2 in my hands feels like The X100T on Steroids - gutsy, deceptive and powerful.


The layout of the buttons on this camera has taken me a little while to get used to. This is because of my tactile muscle memory from the X100T. 

This in no way to implies that the X-Pro2 is faulty, far from it , I like this layout. All of the buttons are accessible to my right thumb. The buttons that interact wth the “Exposure Traingle”, namely Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed are all within reach of my thumb, first finger or a combination of thumb and first finger when changing ISO. This is built into the Shutter Speed Dial. Just lifting up the dial, the ISO can be changed. This dial has a button on top which when pressed allows the wheel to turn in order to adjust the Shutter Speed. All rather clever if you ask me. I tend to shoot in Aperture Priority so not an Issue.

Speaking of Aperture Priority, this camera has a Rear Command Dial which means if I am using my 27mm F2.8, I can adjust the Aperture from the rear Command Dial as this lens has no Aperture Wheel.

Today, I paired my X-Pro2 with the deceptive and excellent 27mm Pancake Lens. Oh my God, what a combination. The form factor of this camera is gorgeous with this lens, it reminds me of my X100T

This lens gives me a field of view of about 40mm on a Full Frame Camera. Just a little bit more breathing space around my subject. The 35mm comes in at 50mm so zooming with my feet is required for effective composition. This is all required training because it trains the eye and subconscious in instinctively knowing where to position myself for the shot.

I have read some mixed reviews about this 27mm, take it from me, it agrees with my eye and vision. The images are wonderful, contrasts and punchy. This is what I like about this combination along with the 35mm F2.

I must be honest and say my eye has been trained on the 23mm /FF EQ=35mm. The 35mm is my focal lenght and I got used to this just from working with the X100T over the last two years.

My Coffee Shop ritual continues here in Zagreb. Vladimir and I took our morning Coffee here in this charming place.

I am taking my people photography seriously, both candid and with permission. This is my new mission for 2017. I intend to leave Zagreb with a few Portraits before the end of the week.

I am sure there will be a lot more to learn about the X-Pro2 over this next year. I just love the graduation process I am experiencing coming from its little brother the X100T - it all feels right, seamless and perfect. 

This blog in no way is meant to be a review of this wonderful camera. I would not know where to begin. I just wrote this blog post from a position of how I feel about this camera, using it and my final analysis is, this camera was made to be used and not get in the way of a photographers passion, vision and execution. That is the point of things.

It is truly magical.

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