X-Pro 1 & The D700

Today is a day where I came to a realisation about two special cameras. I may be wrong; I am only going by the results of my raw file edits.

The X-Pro 1 & The Nikon D700 are one and the same.

The image quality, rendering and colours look identical to my eyes.

I find it difficult to tell which camera made which image.

I have documented my thoughts about these two cameras before and this post continues my amazement at using them.

Now, I have decided to use them TOGETHER as a working Kit. My reasons are they deliver almost identical image quality.

Switching seamlessly between both Cameras is easy.

I sense using both as a team with a different Lens on each will be a fluid expression.

My go to Lens would be 28mm on the D700 and the XF50mm F2 on the X-Pro 1; this feels correct to my natural Wide & Telephoto vision.

The Wide View on the D700 is ready for storytelling moments.

The Telephoto view on the X-Pro 1 is all about detail, candid moments and Portraits.

What makes this special is a uniformity and quality that both cameras provide.

Thanks for reading

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