X100F | Classic Frame at 50mm

The Classic Frame of 35mm will always be a constant. The only thing that changes is the field of view of the chosen Lens.

This is what I find most fascinating; the 35mm Frame when paired with a 35mm Lens is a PERFECT collaboration. Only now after 9 years of study has this realisation come to make sense to me.

It makes me wonder why the 50mm Lens gets all the attention. There is no doubt the 50mm Lens is a fantastic optics. However, its not my part of my dream team set up.

Based on how my eyes work, I see Wide at 28mm and Long at 70mm. These two focal length match my natural vision.

I am shooting with the X100F over the next few days; This fixed 35mm Camera is now paired with the Tele-Conversion Lens. This means the Camera will behave like a natural 50mm Lens.

The X100F is extraordinary due to the versatility of focal lengths it provides; it has its native frame at 35mm with the options to shoot at 28mm and 50mm.

Here are some images from my walk to the hospital today.

I am continually stretching my vision. Its important to known how my Lens sees the world.

The Classic Frame will always be 35mm for me. I don’t shoot Medium Format - that is not required for my Journalism. I think and shoot in Full Frame 35mm terms.

The 35mm Frame is the context for all of my visual stories @50mm.

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