X100F - Oh What Joy

This just may be my favourite camera of all time.

Technology will improve things no question about that.

However, right now, I can say this beauty put a big smile on my face.

How come Mike?

Haha 😁

I shot an event yesterday and my trolley was packed with gear - big ass heavy heavy gear.

I thought, just shoot the reception with the X100F then change to the D750 later.


I shot the whole event with the little Fuji - Documentary style.

I felt like a Ninja Assassin on steroids.⚔️

Creating images at Sir Ian Botham’s Lunch was truly a magical breakthrough for me using the Fuji System.




High ISO - who cares, the images look great.

I will be honest and say I did switch cameras for the speech by Sir Ian. I needed my 70-200mm for that.

Never the less, the Fuji X100F proved itself to be a superb camera for documentary work of this type.

I shoot these event on average once a month, it’s wonderful training.

My Fuji Kit will be in my Trolley from now on.

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