X100T With The WCL

I have been enjoying shooting at 18mm on my 18-135mm Lens.

So much so, I have been researching the XF 18mm F2.

It’s a gorgeous looking Lens.

It reminds me of another favourite of mine, The XF 27mm F2. They both look like a Pancake and yet deliver outstanding quality.

I realised this morning while spring cleaning that I don’t need to spend any money on a new Lens, I already have what I need.

My X100T comes with a fixed 23mm Lens at F2.

When I got this camera nearly four years ago, I also purchased the Wide Conversion and Teleconverter Adapters for this Camera.

When these are fitted, my X100T now functions as a 18mm/FF 28mm with the Wide Converter or a Short Telephoto at 50mm.

All of this flexibility with no loss in image quality.

I am happy because the Wide Converter now fits perfectly into my daily Shooting workflow. Because as I said in a previous post, my field of view is 21mm up to 35mm on a Full Frame. On the Fuji APS that’s 18mm to 23mm.

My X100T now covers Wide, Normal and Tele Shooting for most situations. For Portraits, more of the Individual will dominate the scene or become a more environmental image.

For Land and Cityscape, the Wide Converter gives me more leverage with foreground interest and what to feature.

This is quite something.

I must be honest and say, previously, I shot with the Wide Converter but did not connect with it because I did not make the connection with my natural field of view.

Now that I have, the WCL is on my X100T for the week ahead. I am considering taking this with me to Argentina next month.

Seeing with this amount of space to contend with requires more discipline.

What shall I feature or leave out?

Today has felt different.

Seeing in a new way.

Feeling a natural expression in my vision and image creation.

This images were all created using my X100T and WCL, they look good.

All straight out of camera.

Edited in Snapseed

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