XF 35mm F2

The longer I use my Fujis the more I am coming to terms with size and weight.

I Travel a lot so size and weight is a big factor.

Image quality critical to my muse.

16 mega pixels more than enough - my XT1 is a gem. When paired with the 35mm f2, this combination is fantastic.

Nimble, Agile and very stealthy.

So much quality in such a tiny lens - it’s astounding.

F2 to F16

Good separation and depth of field control.

For me, the size of the XT1 means the size of the Lens must compliment the form factor.

Discrete and yet powerful enough to get the job done.

My Fuji Lens Kit can fill a Museum.

I am content in the knowledge that one camera and one Lens is ENOUGH to travel the world.

I just got back from Chicago and it was just the 18-135 that came with my XT1.

That’s it, only skill required and that means practice.

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