XF 50mm F2

In an earlier post, I shared my point of view about using different Lens.

This process has taught me a lot about optics, vision and the vocabulary of different focal length.

I think it is worth mentioning that I am right eye dominant. My left eye doesn’t function as well. This childhood defect means I have lived through numerous operations, Detached Retina, Coates Disease and Lazy Eye Syndrome.

This means my right Eye and Brain have done all the heavy lifting through out my life.

So be it.

I find it easy using different lens as when I feel like it.

Today was no different.

I opted for the Fuji XF 50mm f2.

On the crop sensor of the XPro2 I have a short Telephoto of about 75mm.

This extra length is ok to me, it means taking a few steps back or forward to get my framing right.

This is one BEAUTIFUL LENS - the optics is stunning.

My Brain adjust very quickly and creating images becomes very easy.

I saw the gentleman above with his Bald Eagle. Instinctively, I started creating images.

I created a Portrait today using this Lens.

The XF50mm F2 has proven its worth to me. I find fun and versatile.

I don’t shoot brick walls or charts.

I would rather watch paint dry.

This is a photographers Lens and deserves to be used.

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