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Understanding Color in Photography Day 3 Seeing in Yellow. 

 A special message of thanks to my friend and teacher Bryan Peterson.

 Your book Understanding Color in Photography has become so much more to me. The exercises in seeing and actively participating in the colour around me revealed to me how powerful my brain and mind is.

 It has opened up the secret to the universe and how to truly create with a clear intention. The results speak for themselves. Today is all about the Color Yellow. 

 When I think of Yellow I think of the Sun. 

 The Sun is Yellow, our Sun is the source of all life on Earth, without it we would perish. 

 So, Yellow for me is the source of life. 

 It’s interesting how this colour has connotations of weakness, in body and human character and yet, in different cultures around the world, the colour and subjects associated with it promotes harmony, courage, strength and vitality. 

 My images today inspired me because, I felt ALIVE. 

 I hope they do something for you. 

 Tomorrow, I will be mixing Red and Blue and be on the quest for Purple. 

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