2020 Vision | Creation

Every creative act is in direct proportion to some opposition. The last year has seen my neighbourhood and life stressed by distraction and regeneration.

I see the regeneration of my neighbourhood as a metaphor for my life right now.

Out with the old, create space for something new.

My childhood play ground has become a garbage dump, as the workmen destroyed my forecourt where I once rode my Skateboard, played Football and knockabout Tennis against the wall.

The new landscape is a series of Apartments that now block the gorgeous light that once filled the landing to my home.

It’s almost finished.

The workmen will be happy.

My life feels like it has come to a dramatic full stop.

Becoming my mothers Carer has drained me of thought, energy and vitality. As I type this blog with one finger on my iPhone, I feel the impact of said exhaustion and emotional draining.

Such is the drama in the stage of my life.

The Lockdown has not helped.

Being forced into exile has killed my career. I will not be standing in front of an audience again. The Racial climate has had a big impact on me as I saw many instances of covert racism in my life and throughout my career.

There will never be “normal” again. Certainly not for me. What was normal was conditioning; brain washed into being something that supported the agenda for others.

The truth sets you free.

It certainly has

This Pandemic has certainly opened up Pandora’s Box. I see nothing but evil intentions at play.

That’s fine.

My faith in the living force that has guided me and blessed me with powerful empathic awareness continues to speak to me and guide me.

I pay attention to The Light & The Truth.

The Light is and always will be the source of my power and inspiration.

Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Light of The World.


Thanks for reading 🙏🏽🙅🏾🙏🏽

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