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  1. On Going Development

    13 Oct 2021

    I create images every minute of the day. I wear my camera everywhere. The reason is simple. I need to internalise my eye and brain into becoming a human camera. What this means is very simple and logical. I figured I must be able to know the correct, creative exposure…

  2. The Subject is Light

    30 Sep 2021

    Making the Light the subject means focusing exclusively on this core element. Seeing the quality Feeling it’s quality and being aware of its direction. Where is the Light falling? This visual exercise is critical to understanding the relationship between Shadows and Highlights. Or Light & Shade. I am noticing how…

  3. Black & Light

    14 Sep 2021

    If you really think about it, the absence of Light reveals nothing. The black canvass is the starting point for a creative revelation. No Light. No Colour. When Light is present, Colour can be stripped away to focus attention of the Light and it’s sculpting ability. I am thinking the…

  4. Magical Light

    13 Sep 2021

    This image is from my Archive. This Dome could be from an exotic Church; it’s actually The Dome from The Victoria & Albert Museum. I came across it in my Archive decided to apply some editing techniques I had learnt in Lightroom. I really love this because of the light…

  5. Playing With The Light

    13 Sep 2021

    Photography is truly a magical process. Painting with Light is the accepted definition of the craft. I have been actively engaged in studying all that this entails since 2013. It is only now making sense. It’s all about seeing, reading and feeling the Light. You read that right; FEELING. As…

  6. Embracing The Light

    24 Aug 2021

    My Mother is my Alarm Clock. 05:00 am. She is up. No point negotiating about going back to bed. Broken Sleep Pattern. Grumpy start to the day. Dementia doesn’t care. I shower, get ready and head to the bakery. The morning Light reminds me everything is ok. Life continues because…

  7. XPro-1 | 52 Assignments - Cont

    21 Aug 2021

    I am still on the first Assignment. I felt the need to practice and consolidate my learning. These images were created by paying attention to the Light and where the light was falling. Also, I have been using Spot Metering, to target a specific area to ensure good exposure. Spot…

  8. XPro-1 | 52 Assignments -1

    19 Aug 2021

    Continuing on from last post entry, I thought I would practice this Assignment a bit more. I knew what I was looking for. A pocket of light. My cards was the subject caught in the beam of light. This meant paying attention to where the light was coming from and…

  9. XPro-1 | Reflections

    19 Aug 2021

    I am now reflecting on my photographic journey since 2013. This year is significant for me because I was in China and had The Nikon D90 with the 18-105. I regret selling that camera. What was I thinking? Dam it… My reflection is now based on the complexity of modern…

  10. XPro1 | CHEAT

    14 Aug 2021

    I have decided to give my XPro1 some real love. Last night , I went to see my friend Laura present her show called Cheat. This show is all sleight of hand with Cards and Laura is one of the finest exponents in the UK 🇬🇧 if not the world.…

  11. Joy of Seeing | Light, Colour & Gesture

    02 Apr 2021

    This contemplation is about being receptive and keeping my heart open to something truly profound. Three things keep me focused: Colour The Light The Energy in the Expression - The Gesture. The Gesture is the glue that binds the moment into a compelling narrative. This Energy can be a Skateboarder…

  12. 30 Day Challenge Day 29: Process

    09 Mar 2021

    It’s an ongoing process of learning Seeing. Vision. Feeling. It’s been an amazing journey the last 30 Days. I have come to appreciate the gift of sight and seeing with my heart. Beauty in the ordinary. I often think why? What is the point of this? I create images everyday…

  13. 30 Day Challenge-Day-17

    07 Mar 2021

    Spring is here. Golden Light. Lockdown but not locked out. A new blessing on the horizon. Faith and Gratitude lead the way. A lot to be thankful for. We are alive. X

  14. 30 Day Challenge Day 15

    26 Feb 2021

    30 Day Challenge Day 15: with 15 days left of this challenge with the XF 18-55mm my subject is Light. Light & Shadow. What’s in the bag”? Morning Yummies. Time for my Silent Coffee Meditation. HappyFriday to you all. #xpro2 #xf1855mmf28 #shadowandlight #30daychallengexf1855mm

  15. 30 Day Challenge Day 13

    25 Feb 2021

    It is the first Subject I needed to be aware of. No one told me this. It was an awakening that came to me. It made perfect sense. All other Subjects are secondary to this glorious moment of expression. Light. Against the original canvas of BLACK. Light is my primary…

  16. 2020 Vision | All I Want For Christmas

    25 Dec 2020

    All I want for Christmas is that we celebrate the birthday of baby Jesus in the glory of his peaceful blessing. I see and feel his presence in you. No earthly pleasure can compete n this moment. I am greatful that I as a Photographer can harness the light of…

  17. 2020 Vision | Light From Above

    19 Dec 2020

    This really makes sense now. Our Sun ☀️ is high above. Raining down golden light on us. So it makes perfect sense to position my light source above mums head and slightly forward so only edges of the light would land on her face, feathering fine detail. This is so…

  18. 2020 Vision | In Gods Image

    18 Dec 2020

    Preserving her Dignity has become the greatest challenge and privilege of my life. Dementia doesn’t care. It has no opinion either way about my personal mission. It does its thing, slowly and insidiously, even when I strive to bond and connect. I succeed simply because each moment created in 35mm…

  19. 2020 Vision | The Original Backdrop

    18 Dec 2020

    My technique is very simple. I start with a Black Canvas. Just like God did. And then, “let there be Light”. Ohh those epic words. The foundation of all creation. The original backdrop was Black. It makes perfect sense. By adding light exactly where I want it, I paint my…

  20. 2020 Vision | Light Show

    08 Dec 2020

    This year has been all about Light. Mr Kodak said, “Know Light for all you are worth”. I paraphrase, words to that effect. I took this seriously. Studying how my Flash works and how to use it On and Off Camera has been a beautiful study. This study has helped…

  21. 2020 Vision | Light Magic

    30 Nov 2020

    The Fuji XT1 paired with the XF 35mm F1.4 is still a magical partnership. When you add a Speedlight even more so. All of my Flash Tools are for my Nikon Bodies; fortunately, I have triggers for both Nikon and my Fuji’s. This afternoon, I paired my manual only Yongnuo…

  22. 2020 Vision | The Bigger Picture

    26 Nov 2020

    Having a great Subject matter is important. My Subject has become even greater. This lockdown has inspired me to study. I have been studying photography deeply this year. The Light has become my muse. Ambient Light and it’s natural always on expression reveals a temperamental nature in this part of…

  23. 2020 Vision | Light Source

    19 Nov 2020

    Panting with Light has be the original craft. The Camera is almost 200 years old. Let there be light 💡 It only took a few billion years before man caught up. This magical box is miraculous - it can capture and hold onto a beam of Light at 1/8000 of…

  24. 2020 Vision | Expression of Light

    12 Nov 2020

    The light is my number one focus now. Colour comes second. Shape, Line, Texture, Patterns all became subconscious considerations in a matter of seconds once the light speaks to me. Yes, the light talks to me, her message is loud and clear; “here I am”. #expressionoflight #mastersofphotography #xpro2 #xf16mmf28 #depthoffieldphotography

  25. 2020 Vision | Morning Vision

    08 Nov 2020

    Getting up early is magical. Health benefits is one thing, greeting the morning light is good for my spirit. My Camera is happy. This image at 18mm is perfectly Wide enough. I love the XF16mm and yet, at 18mm, which translate to 27mm is a field of view that is…

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