Constant Improvement

I have had problems with my eyes since birth.

Short sighted.

Coates Disease since birth on my left eye along with numerous operations.

I had an awakening with my photography and field of view.

I am right eye dominant which means I do not see the way most people do who are blessed with good vision.

It took me a while to realise this, my field of view is not the normal field of view associated with the 50mm lens on a Full Frame or the 35mm of DX.

I have been shooting 35mm Film using my Canon A1 using…..wait for it…..

The stunning…

28mm F2.8

I have a wonky left eye so when I close that eye, my right eye see with the 27/28mm field of view on a full frame.

This is my normal viewing field of view when compared to the standard Nifty 50.

This has been a most useful realisation for me and how I see.

My coach and friend Bryan Peterson taught me that I must understand the language/vocabulary of all my lenses.

I took this to heart and have conducted many weekly experiments shooting with nothing but a singular focal length.

These images were all created using my XT1 and the 35mm F2 - this is a wonderful combination.

This training in understanding my field of view and the field of view of my lens means I no longer have to concern myself with what lens to use. I know exactly where to stand and how to compose any image I wish to create.

These images where just created - Boxing Day.

I saw these moments and practiced my placement and composition with the 35mm/50mm Dx field of view.

I enjoy this process a great deal.

It just means I am training myself to see and imagine.

This is process of ongoing never ending improvement.

Thanks for reading.

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