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  1. 2020 Vision | Seeing in Black & White

    01 Jun 2020

    To strip a scene of its colour is to see deeper into the Light. No Colour. Different shades of Grey. A relationship with the Shadow, Contrast and Hi-Lights. The great masters like Henri Cartier Brendon, Robert Kapa, Brassai all saw the world in shades of grey. I kind of miss…

  2. 2020 Vision | Inner Vision

    10 May 2020

    This image was created a few years ago in Lebanon. It’s one of my favourites. When I saw this moment, it reminded me of an image I saw in a book about Henri Cartier Bresson. The image was of three black boys running into the ocean. This image above of…

  3. 2020 Vision | Expansion & Feeling

    22 Apr 2020

    The Fuji XF14mm F2.8 is spectacular. Along with the XF23mm/35mm/56mm and 90mm it has become my favourite Lens. What’s interesting is this Lens is a Wide Angle which is normally associated with Landscape. Of late, due to its close focussing attributes, this has become a great tool for Close up…

  4. Looking, Seeing & Vision

    08 Aug 2019

    The Vision of My LensThe Fuji Lens line up is truly fantastic. Light, agile and sharp beyond belief.I really love the XF 18-135mm - it was part of my XT1 as a kit. I have traveled the world with it and created some memorable moments. The debate between Prime Lens…

  5. Constant Improvement

    26 Dec 2018

    I have had problems with my eyes since birth. Short sighted. Coates Disease since on my left eye along with numerous operations. I had an awakening with my photography and field of view. I am right eye dominant which means I do not see the way most people do who…

  6. I See, I Feel & Create

    18 Sep 2018

    My deafness has transformed my world. I have days where I experience a sadness unlike anything I have ever known. On the flip side of this conversation is a story of profound joy. The ability to see. To rejoice. To celebrate……..The Light. Without Light, we would all experience Blindness. For…

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