Deep Vision | Layers

With such a wide field of view, my scene will take in a lot of information. This creates an epic visual narrative.

For me, using the XF16mm means asking a very important question; what is the context?

With these three images, the Context is Road Works in my neighbourhood. This makes for an interesting Visual Essay about the ongoing renovations, the installation of Fibre Optics for faster Internet. The XF16mm is a good Lens for this topic. I could have still created these images using my XF18mm or the stunning XF23 - all of these Lens have one thing in common, they all possess a Wide Angle Optics. The 23mm is the classic field of view on my camera, don’t forget the Crop Factor of 1.5 - this gives me starting 35mm.

The 16mm = 24mm so its gives me more room to navigate the scene and be accountable for my edges.

24mm is perfect for epic Landscape.

I am treating my suburban neighbourhood as my Landscape.

16/24mm really creates an expansive view.

This view pulls you right into the scene.

You become a feature in the narrative.

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To be continued…

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