FV | Raw Power

In the last year, my editing skills have improved.

Thanks to Scott Kelby and his Books on Lightroom, I have a much better understanding of how to literally paint with Light.

The Image above is The Raw File.

Today, while on the Train home from Blackpool, I did an in Camera Raw Conversion without any adjustments.

I sent the converted image, now a jpeg to my iPhone. This image was subsequently edited in Snapseed which you can see below.

Once I got home, I saved all of my Raw Files to my Hard Drive and went to work on this image direct from the Fuji Raf /Raw File. The final Edit you can see below.

It’s astonishing how much detail can be recovered from a Raw File.

My Editing Skills have taught so me so much about seeing the Light before capture, exposing for the highlights fully confident I can recover detailed information in the shadows - if I choose to.

Sometimes, I like a bit mystery in my Shadows. This invites the viewer into the visual narrative.

Snapseed on my phone is really good and effective. It can only go so far in recovery. Lightroom allows me much more flexibility especially with targeted Local Adjustments.

There is power in Raw Files - it’s our Digital Version of a Negative before………editing and then printing.

Thanks for reading

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