FV | The Earth has Fallen

Having my Camera with me at all times is a must.

The reason is obvious.

I EXPECT to be surprised, delight and astonished by life.

I just don’t know what life will present to me.

When I leave my house, I am ready to respond.

Keeping myself open is pure magic.

I was invited to a dinner party last night in Greenwhich. This meant a train to Canary Wharf with a connection on The DSLR.

This meant a short walk to The DSLR Station.

I got confused where it was and ended up on a mini trek through Canary Wharf. Well now, my walk to the station presented me with this amazing light installation of Planet Earth.

I described as “The Fallen Earth” because this huge Globe like structure was floating in the water. The surrounding area was packed with people creating images with their phones.

I had my X-T1 Paired with The XF35mm 1.4. This image was shot RAW; it was dark, the only light was light coming of The Globe and buildings. Nevertheless, the RAW File opened up beautifully during my Edit to reveal nice colours and reflections off the water.

Moments like this, gives my life a real lift of astonishment and joy.

Surprise & Delighighted

Thanks for reading.

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