Kodachrome Before Argentina

I leave for South America tomorrow so I thought I would create and practice a few more images with my Kodachrome Simulation today.

I really love this Digital Recipe of Kodachrome.

I must thank FujiXWeekly for sharing his ideas and experimentation. It has inspired me to create my own Fuji Warrior look.

This means tweeting the Fuji Simulations on my Camera to discover my own taste. I now know what to do in order to achieve this.

My biggest learning so far has been the relationship between the camera settings and White Balance.

White Balance is the magical ingredient and no two images will be the exact same temperature.

Over the next week, I will be using this Kodachrome look whilst in Argentina. Depending on what I see and inspires me, I will make adjustments.

It’s all about rich and vibrant colours for me, however, I will allow the subject, the place and the people communicate to me.

I will honour the experience, my vision and muse and create what I feel.

My Fuji X100F is the perfect Camera for this.

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