Kodchrome - A New Love Affair

I have no doubt in my mind, if Kodachrome film was available today I would be shooting roll after roll.

I am so happy that it is possible to create a digital version of the Kodachrome look in camera on my X100T.

I must give credit to Fujixweekly.

This kind gentleman has shared his discoveries of how to manipulate the Classic Chrome Film Simulation into the Kodachrome look.

Its overcast today, so my instincts tell me this variation on Classic Chrome will truly come alive when shooting out doors on a sunny day.

I have studied many images from the 1950s onwards and the look of the images created out doors is gorgeous.

So sunlight is a wonderful bonus to how this Film Simulation impacts the images.

I can see potential in this custom designed setting.

I am creating images of most things just to experiment to see how much I like this variation on Classic Chrome.

Classic Chrome has a muted and cooler colour vibe which I like. Kodachrome is warmer, that’s how I feel when I compare images.

I will work with this for a week and share as I go along.

Click on this link to more about how this Recipe got created.

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