Looking, Seeing & Vision

The Vision of My Lens

The Fuji Lens line up is truly fantastic.

Light, agile and sharp beyond belief.

I really love the XF 18-135mm - it was part of my XT1 as a kit. I have traveled the world with it and created some memorable moments.

The debate between Prime Lens Vs Zoom is far too subjective for my life. I like them both and use them as and when “I feel it”.

I am privileged to own more XF Lens than I will ever need. The acquisition of a new Lens is part of the joy, fun and education for me.

Learning see in 14mm Vs 18mm Vs 23mm Vs 27mm Vs 35mm Vs 56 has been my journey.

My Zoom Kit consist of:

XF 10-24mm
XF 18-55mm
XF 16-55mm
XF18-135mm and my longest reach, the XF55-200mm.

My Primes have taught me how to see in the field of view specific to each focal length as outlined.

When I use my zooms, the scene I am about to create an image of will tell me which focal length I need.

I will set my zoom to the required focal length and zoom with my feet. This is how I roll with my gear.

I refuse to be lazy and just zoom away - because I can, NO.

For example, the stunning 18-55 “kit” Lens is an amazing versatile zoom for street work.

This Lens gives me all the ranges I could ever need for a stroll throughout London or when I Travel. In fact, when I travel, I take this Lens and the 55-200mm plus the 35mm 1.4 fully confident I can create images.

The last few years have taught me to truly understand the vocabulary of my Lens gear and how to communicate effectively with it.

My brain automatically starts to see in 35mm when that’s all I have with me, if I choose the 23mm, I know my vision will automatically see just a little bit W-I-D-E-R.

As for my 18-135mm I know my options will be full explored.

I love this because I have come to accept that my Eyes are the ultimate Lens, my Brain is the fully expressive sensor and my Vision is all part of my inner muse that feels something in the moment. It is then that I instinctively start creating in relation to what tools I have with me.

This is a beautiful thing, it’s no different than having a deck of cards in my hand, I know I am armed with a tool box full of Sleight of Hand techniques ready to create magic.

My Camera and my Tool Box of Lens support me in creating magical stories.

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