Mixing Things Up

I get bored very quickly.

I know how to manage my boredom.

I like shocking my nervous system with fresh input. I do this with my craft of magic by practicing different combinations and routines.

With my Photography, I keep things intetesting by using different Focal Lengths.

I have a nice collection of Lens - enough to cover all manner of subjects. My collection covers a range from 10mm right up to 210mm. This covers Prime Lens and My Zooms.

Last weekend, I was on a workshop with my Coach Bryan Peterson. I asked him about all the different Focal Lengths vs sticking with just the classic accepted 50mm.

He said, “if you lived in France you would’t speak German”. The whole point is to learn the Visual Language of all your Lens”.

This made complete sense to me.

The study is to use the right focal length for the subject.

Wide Angle at 28mm.

Normal at 50mm.

Telephoto at 70mm.

A Wide Angle Len could be anywhere from 10mm up to 35mm.

A normal Lens could be 35mm up to 50mm because this is the normal field of view for The Human Eye.

A Telephoto begins with a short focal length around 60mm and can reach a stunning 600mm.

The most critical thing I have learnt is to use the right focal length for your intended subject.

This raises a solid argument for an all in one Zoom Lens. A Lens that covers a Wide Field of view at say 18mm and Zooms to a decent 200 or in some models a 300mm. This means never having to change Lens when out on an assignment.

I use my Primes to study the Field of View of a given fixed Focal Length.

Spending time with my 18/28mm has taught me this specific Visual Language. I know exactly how to use it and for what subject. This goes for all my Prime Lens. When I choose to use my Zoom Lens, its really for ease of use, versatility and convenience. Also, I set my Zooms at the required Focal Length and then Compose / Zoom with my feet.

I am back to using my Fuji X-Pro 2 with the 18mm/28mm and it feels very natural.

My neighbourhood is perfect for this Focal Length.

Creative Vision begins in my mind and is translated with the right Lens.

Thanks for reading.

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