On Going Development

I create images every minute of the day.

I wear my camera everywhere.

The reason is simple.

I need to internalise my eye and brain into becoming a human camera.

What this means is very simple and logical.

I figured I must be able to know the correct, creative exposure long before I create the image in camera.

Just by looking at a potential subject, I know exactly what Aperture to use. Not only that, the subject and what I wish to communicate will be governed by a creative use of time value / shutter speed that will support my Aperture and depth of field.

Not only that; I will also have an intuitive understanding of where my ISO needs to be to ensure a well exposed creative image.

To be a human camera is magical, even when I am not creating images, I am seeing the Light and visualising possibilities.

To really see the Light is to acknowledge the glory of God.

Thanks for reading


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