Professional Engagement

I am very proud to share that over the last few months, I have shot a few professional engagements.

Sporting Lunches - a fabulous concept.

Sporting celebrities show up at a prestigious venue as guest of honour. The room is packed with people from all walks of life and Business.

I am there with my camera to document the event.

My Fuji XT1 paired with the amazing 14mm F2.8 was a dream combination.

The XT1 is small unobtrusive and can operate in stealth mode.

I consider my style to document and capture moments of expression.

I must be honest and say I had my Nikon D7100 paired with a 70-200mm. I do not as yet own the Fuji 50-140. I hope to one day because the 70-200 is a dream focal length for shooting events. It would fit my Fuji set up perfectly.

I do love shooting Portraits and will not let an opportunity go by.

Shooting events comes with one major hurdle - Light levels.

High iso is a must - in my bag is my pocket ray of sunshine.

My Flash is my side kick when I feel the need to use it. It gives me support when the light levels are not conducive to my creation.

That’s it, lots to learn.

I am learning on the job and earning while having fun. X

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