The Joy Seeing | Connections

I respond very quickly on the streets.

When something catches my eye…it’s done.

Such was the case with this moment.

I shared this image on my Instagram feed. One of my followers is a friend of the gentleman on his bike.

We connected through the various comments regarding this image.


I felt the need to go out for a walk today. I took a different route to my park. If I had not taken this slight detour, I would not have created this moment.

I saw him again and said hello.

I mentioned my name, he remembered the image. He was friendly, his name is Dave and his dog is called Sid.

I sent him a copy of both photos today.

What’s interesting to me is the connection and willingness to do so.

The joy of seeing is about being active in the relationship with life.

Seeing deeply is more than what I do with my eyes, it’s responding to an opportunity.

I thank Sid and Dave for welcoming my openness.


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