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  1. The Joy Seeing | Connections

    03 Apr 2021

    I respond very quickly on the streets. When something catches my eye…it’s done. Such was the case with this moment. I shared this image on my Instagram feed. One of my followers is a friend of the gentleman on his bike. We connected through the various comments regarding this image.…

  2. 2020 Vision | Happiness

    08 Oct 2020

    This moment represents a perfect expression of happiness. Children have no concept of identity or ego - if they are lucky, before the age of 9, they can have an experience of life where curiosity, adventure and pure expressive being is fully alive. I saw this little boy and marvelled…

  3. 2020 Vision | Connection

    23 Apr 2020

    How do you know when you feel connected to someone. Are the eyes the window of the soul? I know that our eyes reveal a lot, to me I rely on eye contact to gage my connection. Eye contact and sustaining it can be intimidating. It can feel like and…

  4. 2020 Vision | Connected to Our Source

    22 Apr 2020

    Taking a walk through my park has become an even more important ritual in my life. I see it has become the same for others. The vibe feels different though. We are told to STAY HOME. This has fallen on deaf ears. I am deaf so I don’t count, I…

  5. Our Disconnected World

    02 Jul 2018

    Have we lost our way? I thought communication, sharing, conversation was a big part of our DNA, our humanity. Our broken connection is evident right in this provocative image. The iPhone was won. Social Media has our attention now. We have lost our hearts😢 You cannot tell my that technology…

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