Visual Vocabulary Part II

The Wide Angle Lens really pushes me out of my comfort zone.

When used correctly, it delivers spectacular results.

Today, I thought it would be interesting to see what I could create using my XF10-24mm; in Full Frame Terms, that’s 15-36mm.

At 15mm, I am in Super Wide Angle vision and it is stunning. This means the subject matter has to match the potential of what this optics is designed for.

My Wide Angle education began with my kit Lens - The XF 18-55mm F2.8-4. The 18mm is my perfect and normal visual frame of reference. So, I didn’t really start seeing W-I-D-E-R until I started using the16mm.

The 16mm in Full Frame terms is 24mm which is a gorgeous field of view. It’s Wider and yet, it doesn’t freak me out.

The XF10-24 is a beautiful Lens and Optics - it can compete against all the top brands no problem.

The secret to using this Lens like a pro is finding a worthy subject and get close to your foreground interest.

That’s it…

The Wide-Angle Lens to me is my very special tool for telling a dramatic story visually. Like any dramatic story, there’s going to be an opening, a middle section and a powerful closing item.

The foreground interest pulls the viewer into the narrative and doesn’t let go. I really love this concept because it means I must seek out a worthy story to tell using this lens.

My neighbourhood is very photogenic and this Lens is perfect for showcasing the visual beauty of where I live.

When I am use this Lens my goal is to achieve maximum sharpness front to back throughout the image. So my shooting parameters are very simple;

Aperture at F8 right up to F22

Shutter Speed will depend on time of day, freezing the moment and or Blue Hour Long Exposure.

ISO, during the day to support my creative exposure. Blue Hour, ISO 200.

This Lens is easy to use.

At 10mm there is a lot that can dominate the Frame.

I will practice with this for the next few days.

To be continued

Thanks for reading

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