2020 Vision | Back To Black

I really love the symbiotic relationship between light and darkness.

The 2nd verse of #thetaoteching speaks about #paradox and how we can’t have one without the other.

Image creation became a possibility when light 💡 came into being.

After all, our Sun 🌞 is an always on 24/7 light source. On a good day, the clouds will be our diffuser, time of day, low angle to the Earth 🌍 and the Sun will be golden or blue depending on the time you choose to wake up or go to bed.

Now using the light as a source to shoot into renders the colour black back to life.

If you think about this carefully, the colour black is the ORIGINAL CANVASS of CREATION.

Light was created out of the black void over 4.5 Billion years ago.

Let’s get back to BLACK.

Celebrate black for all it’s worth.

BLACK IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL because where you choose to sculpt your subject, using the light as your shaping tool will bring shape, depth, form, character and gesture to life.

Thanks for reading

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