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  1. The Subject is Light

    30 Sep 2021

    Making the Light the subject means focusing exclusively on this core element. Seeing the quality Feeling it’s quality and being aware of its direction. Where is the Light falling? This visual exercise is critical to understanding the relationship between Shadows and Highlights. Or Light & Shade. I am noticing how…

  2. Black & Light

    14 Sep 2021

    If you really think about it, the absence of Light reveals nothing. The black canvass is the starting point for a creative revelation. No Light. No Colour. When Light is present, Colour can be stripped away to focus attention of the Light and it’s sculpting ability. I am thinking the…

  3. Playing With The Light

    13 Sep 2021

    Photography is truly a magical process. Painting with Light is the accepted definition of the craft. I have been actively engaged in studying all that this entails since 2013. It is only now making sense. It’s all about seeing, reading and feeling the Light. You read that right; FEELING. As…

  4. 30 Day Challenge Day 15

    26 Feb 2021

    30 Day Challenge Day 15: with 15 days left of this challenge with the XF 18-55mm my subject is Light. Light & Shadow. What’s in the bag”? Morning Yummies. Time for my Silent Coffee Meditation. HappyFriday to you all. #xpro2 #xf1855mmf28 #shadowandlight #30daychallengexf1855mm

  5. 2020 Vision | The Original Backdrop

    18 Dec 2020

    My technique is very simple. I start with a Black Canvas. Just like God did. And then, “let there be Light”. Ohh those epic words. The foundation of all creation. The original backdrop was Black. It makes perfect sense. By adding light exactly where I want it, I paint my…

  6. 2020 Vision | Back To Black

    17 Sep 2020

    I really love the symbiotic relationship between light and darkness. The 2nd verse of #thetaoteching speaks about #paradox and how we can’t have one without the other. Image creation became a possibility when light 💡 came into being. After all, our Sun 🌞 is an always on 24/7 light source.…

  7. Inspired Moments

    04 Jan 2019

    There are images waiting to be created everywhere. This was staring me in the face. What did I see? I saw the reason for Colour. Light. A single Flame, a Candle, a Red Bowl. The colourful ambience of the Thai Restaurant I was in. Most importantly, my XPro2 was by…

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