2020 Vision | Light Source

Panting with Light has be the original craft.

The Camera is almost 200 years old.

Let there be light 💡

It only took a few billion years before man caught up.

This magical box is miraculous - it can capture and hold onto a beam of Light at 1/8000 of a second.

Working with Ambient Light is difficult enough, adding another source of Ligjt to the mix adds a complication.

This can drive us nuts.

Or should it?

If we are Painting with Light, is it any different than a Painter mixing different colours?

Ambient Light and Flash on camera or off is a potent mix for stunning imagery

My studies in Understanding Exposure and Flash Technology has transformed my relationship to the subject of Light; seeing it, feeling its quality and knowing the impact of its direction.

I really feel like a human Light Meter.

Look at the difference between Flash and natural Light as above.

Natural Light is beautiful.

It’s always my first call, however, my internal metering is measuring if I need to lift the atmosphere with my Pocket Ray of Sunshine, my Speed Light or Portable Strobe.

Studying this supplementary tool has given me the confidence to work with natural light in a way I didn’t or couldn’t before.

Having some form of Flash in my Bag is a must now - now exception.

This means I can create in partnership with the source of all creation.

Me and The Sun 🌞 are a dream team combination. The Sun doesn’t mind if I use a little support to create my masterpiece.

My mother is the star of the show, the light proves it.

Thanks for reading

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