Black & Light

If you really think about it, the absence of Light reveals nothing.

The black canvass is the starting point for a creative revelation.

No Light.

No Colour.

When Light is present, Colour can be stripped away to focus attention of the Light and it’s sculpting ability.

I am thinking the term Black & Light works perfectly together because, the Light is being showcased against a black canvass. I can only appreciate this when there is no other Colour present.

This is how I think about my images when no colour is present. I don’t say “BLACK & WHITE”, for me, I think Black Canvass, now where is my Light source?

What part of the image needs lighting?

Which areas of the Black Canvass will remain black and in the shadows?

How will this contrast of black areas and light areas play together?

The relationship between, the black canvass, colour, light and the expressive moment all contribute to towards the narrative.

Black & Light need other.

This is a magical paradox.

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