R&G | 33mm

Back to 33mm again.

The Viltrox 33mm is an excellent Lens.

I enjoy using it.

The images render with pleasing impact.

My preference is to use this Lens in full manual mode along with my camera all settings, fully manual.

This is because in Aperture priority, I notice my exposure settings continually being altered as I press the shutter. This Lens tends to over expose my intended settings the instant I hit the shutter.

I find this aggravating.

So my settings are F5.6, shutter speed is flexible between 1/250 right up to 1/1000, auto ISO 200 - 3200. Here is the best part, I set my camera so that the front command dual can adjust the exposure compensation. This is really fantastic because I no longer worry about ISO, it is set, any adjustments happens with my first finger on the front dual and the hit the shutter.

The quality of Light in London fluctuates between dull, flat and boring.

Light is Light, I have to shoot how it feels.

My White Balances makes a big difference.

I’m currently going through a massive review of my Photography.

I’m seeking to unlock my natural visual identity. This means coming to terms with a specific set of lens that allows me to see and feel the truth of my images. I’ve spent the last few years experimenting with different focal length and my instincts tell me my natural visual identity falls between 16mm and 80mm. I have documented this before; 28mm is my wide context, 33mm is my Normal mid point Frame and 85mm is my Telephoto.

Three Lens which gives me my visual footprint.

Learning to see for me has been about matching how my eyes work to all the focal lengths in my tool box.

I finally get it.

My eyes and my Lens are now a partnership.

“Looking, Seeing, Watching, Observing & Vision feel the same and yet, the all mean something different”

Michael Vincent

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