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  1. The Joy of Seeing | Gesture Moment

    07 Apr 2021

    This moment took me. Not the Man on a Bike. The gesture in the shape of his body. I didn’t really think. I knew it meant something to me. I created this image a few days ago. It gave me time to ponder my feelings and response. The emotional energy…

  2. Joy of Seeing | Light, Colour & Gesture

    02 Apr 2021

    This contemplation is about being receptive and keeping my heart open to something truly profound. Three things keep me focused: Colour The Light The Energy in the Expression - The Gesture. The Gesture is the glue that binds the moment into a compelling narrative. This Energy can be a Skateboarder…

  3. 2020 Vision | The Expression of Light

    18 Jun 2020

    Gesture. This phrase from Jay Maisel is at the source of every great moment in an image. What is the Gesture in an image? It took me forever to come up with an answer. I came to the conclusion that Gesture is the expression…..of life. This image is the Gesture…

  4. 2020 Vision | The Expression Is The Gesture

    19 May 2020

    This image was created about 30 minutes after meeting Karen for the first time two years ago. It was for my ongoing project A Celebration of Women. This set the context for all of my future Portraits Sessions. The authentic expression is a beautiful gesture. We spoke, got related to…

  5. 2020 Vision | Understanding Gesture

    19 May 2020

    The Photographer Jay Maisel is one of my great inspirations. I once heard him say that every image has a “GESTURE”. This confused me because understood what the word meant; Gesture. I just didn’t understand what he meant in the context of Photography. It took many years before it made…

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