The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Argentina - Showtime in La Plata

    25 Apr 2019
    It was a glorious day to visit La Plata. This was a lovely town just 45 minutes from Buenos Aries. The purpose for this visit was to present my Lecture and my 30 minute Show - it was fantastic. My friends and I enjoyed the city centre before visiting The…

  2. Argentina - Tandil

    24 Apr 2019
    Tandil is a beautiful place, a five hour drive south of Buenos Aries. That’s on a good day. A bad day could mean up to seven hours, especially by coach. This enchanting place is the home of the legendary magician Rene Lavand. I appeared on television with Rene at the…

  3. Argentina-A True Master

    24 Apr 2019
    Another early start to catch the morning coach to the Ferry Port back to Buenos Aries. I was tired beyond measure, severely jet lagged and seriously shaky. I don’t travel well so this extra two days of travel did me in. I got back to my apartment in Belgrano and…

  4. Argentina - Montevideo

    23 Apr 2019
    I arrived at my Hotel in Montevideo after a two hour plus coach journey from the Ferry Port. This was more tedious than the crossing on the Ferry. I had Nuri for company so we chatted most of the way. My friend Willy met me and drove me to my…

  5. Argentina - Off To Uruguay

    23 Apr 2019
    My first day and night in Buenos Aries was eventful - my morning even more so. We were up early to catch the Ferry to Uruguay. I was able to create an image of sunrise from a moving car. The Ferry Terminal looked like a space age Balloon Show. Inside…

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