The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Grand Staircase

    2018-10-02 22:41:49 UTC
    This image was created at The St.Pancras Hotel. I just had to. It would have been rude not to. What does a self respecting Photographer do when taken by a scene like this. Create an image. I must be honest. This moment was created using my Nikon D7100 and the…

  2. Gritty Point Of View

    2018-10-01 23:18:29 UTC
    My editing has taken a different turn. It takes time to Learn. Patience. Now that Lightroom makes a little more sense, I intend to be more creative with my film simulations and post exiting I enjoyed stripping the colour away, only just. Not black and white, not full blown colour.…

  3. A Return To Canary Wharf

    2018-10-01 20:19:11 UTC
    This is a part of London I really enjoy. Tall Buildings. Fascinating Architecture. Angles. Lines. Geometry. I was using my X100T today. 35mm Field of view. Classic Chrome set to -2 Colour. Exposure compensation used to add drama. The inside of the station is stunning geometry. 9 images shot vertical…

  4. The Streets | A Canvas for Expression

    2018-09-30 21:53:12 UTC
    The expression of art can happen anywhere. What I find interesting is, the streets has now become a canvass for the expression of art and life. All the world is a stage, Shakespeare said. Our stage, the streets, is stage for everyone to express themselves. Looking over his shoulder, i…

  5. Another Day Of Gorgeous Light

    2018-09-27 22:24:02 UTC
    It’s silly to complain about Light. Like we have a say in the matter. My job is to understand her quality and direction that’s all. It’s a relationship. At times, a frustrating one. Other times, a tap dance of loving bliss. The images today would have looked so different yesterday…

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