The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Henry

    18 Oct 2018
    To live a long happy and healthy life is lofty goal. He achieved it. He did so with great class, dignity and character. I have known Henry since the early 1980s when I joined The Magic Circle. We have been friends ever since. My mentor is he. His conduct and…

  2. Daily Ritual

    16 Oct 2018
    My friend and coach, Bryan Peterson has encouraged all of us to KEEP SHOOTING. I took this to heart. My intention is to create, at the very least, one image a day, no exception. This way of shooting feels good. It lifts my mood and spirit. Being deaf is no…

  3. Natural Light | Mum

    13 Oct 2018
    I create images of my Mother regularly. These are for me. My memories. Life is impermanent. I choose to celebrate with her now. As time marches on each moment captured is a celebration. A joy. Each image A reminder of love, through our family United.

  4. Self Portrait

    04 Oct 2018
    Gritty. Somewhat dark. Shades of melancholy. That’s my world right now. A time for regeneration. Chaotic destruction required for the rebuilding to begin. Finding a sanctuary for peace and contemplation has been a blessing. Out of the ashes, The Phoenix has rising.🙏🏾 In spite of things, life today reminded me…

  5. Grand Staircase

    02 Oct 2018
    This image was created at The St.Pancras Hotel. I just had to. It would have been rude not to. What does a self respecting Photographer do when taken by a scene like this. Create an image. I must be honest. This moment was created using my Nikon D7100 and the…

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