The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. 35mm Classic Frame

    2022-07-30 17:13:01 UTC
    The Classic Frame of 35mm is the perfect Canvass. If I could start my photographic journey again, I would stick with this and nothing else for a year. My thinking is based on how my eyes work. I see wide so between 28mm and 50mm, the classic frame of 35mm…

  2. 35mm CF | Creating The Frame

    2022-07-29 20:57:06 UTC
    Photography is about creating an images. It’s much more significant than being a trigger happy “snapper”. Vision, seeing the potential for an image and working the scene is part of the creative processes. This image is a simple example. The lady standing still. The gentleman in full stride providing contrast…

  3. 35mm CF | Humans & Environment

    2022-07-29 12:10:06 UTC
    I am expanding this study of the classic frame with a new context; Humans and Their Environment. I find this to be an interesting focus for my training. Here is how I will approach this. First and foremost, I will be seeking a good compelling background. And then, I will…

  4. 35mm CF | Framing & Composing

    2022-07-28 20:02:11 UTC
    Without any reservation, I think the 35mm F1.4 is a spectacular Lens. I love it, absolutely love it. I find it a beautiful option to my sweet spot - at 28mm. That’s ok, for me, the extra 7mm is only few steps backwards. Zooming in with my feet is all…

  5. 35mm CF | 28mm or 35mm

    2022-07-27 20:12:01 UTC
    Oh what a dichotomy. Two of my favourite focal lengths The 18mm in Full Frame equals 27/28mm - The 23mm equals 35mm. I was walking home from Paddington Station this afternoon. I had the XF23mm F2 on my Camera and it was perfect to document The Paddington Basin - Grand…

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