The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. An Expression of Life | Day 6

    07 Sep 2018
    The world is a very big place. Millions of people on Earth. We are all different. And yet… The human needs are the same for all of us. This image tells it’s own story. You can interpret it in your own way. I felt the need to create this moment…

  2. An Expression of Life | Day 5 - The People

    06 Sep 2018
    Today has been just chilled in preparation for my show tonight. I enjoyed a nice lunch with Chris, Steve our host and Matteo. My camera was ready for me to create images on the go. It was all about the people. They were chilled. Laid back Easy going and receptive. …

  3. An Exression of Life | The Charm of Sophia

    05 Sep 2018
    Lady Sofia watches over the city that bares her name. Arms out stretched. A warm gesture welcoming new visitors. A charming introduction to this gentle city. At every turn, there is something arresting and enchanting to capture your spirit. People at work. Taking a break, life continues with an expression…

  4. An Expression of Life | Sofia - Bulgaria

    05 Sep 2018
    My adventure continues with a stop off in Bulgaria. I am in the city of Sofia and the expression of life continues with an easy going laid back vibration and rhythm. It was the first thing I felt - the energy. There is a calmness of spirit here. Royal Guards…

  5. An Expression of Life | Bon Vivant

    03 Sep 2018
    There are some moments that are just too gorgeous to pass by. This expression of life touch every fibre of my being. I just had too; even if I got rumbled. I had a conversation ready as I did not want to break the spell of being taken by this…

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