The Adventures of Michael Vincent

  1. Deeper Visual Layers

    2022-04-25 19:11:30 UTC
    I am very happy about one thing regarding my visual expression. No matter what Lens I have on my Camera, I now know how to use it. There is a big debate regarding Prime Lens Vs Zooms. I will not contribute to this, what I will say is Zoom Lens…

  2. Visual Glory

    2022-04-20 20:21:10 UTC
    The Golden Time of Day is early morning just after Sun Rise. It was bright and vivid - with Camera in hand, I created my first image. What made this shot significant was catching sight of the lady with the blond hair, it matched the quality of the light. Shortly…

  3. Pure Magic | Colour, Light, Gesture

    2022-04-18 13:51:57 UTC
    The Last few days have been very nice. The light presented a warm texture to my neighbourhood. These are the days I enjoy being out with my Camera. I am striving to achieve a deeper expression of colour and texture in my images. I am also ensuring that my colours…

  4. Happy Easter | A Time to Rejoice

    2022-04-16 18:49:03 UTC
    Everyday is a miracle now. My Camera is by my side all day. I am vigilant because when mum gives me the look I have come to know and love, I see the woman who raised me. All praise to the most high - we get to rejoice another Easter…

  5. Wednesday Respite

    2022-04-14 20:11:22 UTC
    Being a Carer is a tough gig - its not for sissies. To be willing to be responsible for another human being is the highest honour. I fail everyday at some point of duty. I do it because it all on me - its my loving duty. This is my…

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